Welcome to Invicta-TTS,

The free Text to Speech engine for Windows and Mac.

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    • Simple to use Interface, Paste in text, press play and listen as your text is read out!
    • Works offline and online
  • Free for everyone!


Q: Who created Invicta-TTS?

Invicta-TTS was developed in collaboration with Man Machine Software In Between.

Q: What licence does Invicta-TTS use?

Invicta-TTS is Freeware meaning that the software is free to download and send to others however…

  1. The software must be packaged as is for redistribution.
  2. The software must have all attributions of the project included.
  3. You may not resell/sell Invicta-TTS as a commercial product.

Q: What does TTS mean?

Text To Speech.

Q: Will there be a Physical Distribution of Invicta-TTS?

Physical Distribution of Invicta-TTS is currently limited due to financial resources. The aim is to have usb thumb drives or CDs with the software preloaded.

Q: I’ve found a bug/problem How can I report it?

Open up a support ticket and we will look into the bug with you.