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The free Text to Speech engine, available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

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About Invicta-TTS

Invicta-TTS was developed to provide a free, offline, reliable text-to-speech solution for all Windows users. It aims to bridge communication gaps and make digital content accessible to everyone.
The idea of an offline, free and easy to use text-to-speech solution was developed after funding was cut to disabled students in the UK
In 2024 we sadly discontiuned our Mac and iOS TTS applications due to the ongoing running costs. If you see copies online of the Mac Software we cannot guarantee it's safety.

Our Impact

Since the inital development of Invicta-TTS we have heard about it's deployment in school labs, How it has helped school kids around the world with homework and how it's used in an MRI scanner for a medical study due to the portable and offline availablity of Invicta-TTS. We have been touched by all the stories of Invicta-TTS being used and deployed around the world.

Invicta-TTS is built on a legacy system known as WinForms. Simply put. Invicta-TTS is here to stay as a Windows option and we will contiune to offer Invicta-TTS for free for as long as we humanly can.


From 2016 we have provided free technical support for Invicta-TTS via our ticketing portal however this has been discontiuned in 2024. The product is now provided "as-is" with no warrenty or support