Invicta-TTS (Invicta Text to Speech) was built and inspired after the founder discovered that local government funding for accessible technologies was being cut.

He went to work on a prototype and after 3 days and 3 late nights, he had 2 intelligent AI systems that included the Text to Speech system. a Mac and Windows Client. He attempted and failed to get the support of his department behind the project and so continued on without external funding. He decided to make a simple to text to speech application based upon the previous intelligent AI speeches systems and demonstrated the new application to the student support services who where incredibly excited to finally have free text to speech tools for students! As such Invicta-TTS was born.

Invicta-TTS is being released to the world for free with the hopes that students can benefit from the software around the world.


Jaunary 2016 – The first intelligent software prototype launches

March 2016 – The second intelligent text system prototype launches

16th April 2016 – Invicta-TTS is announced to the world. A brand new free text to speech engine for Windows and Mac.

26th April 2016 – Invicta-TTS launches a Patreon

28th April 2016 – Invicta-TTS v1.1 launches adding a pause and resume button.

13th June 2016 – Invicta-TTS v1.2 and v1.2.1 includes shortcuts and additonal bug fixes.

November 2019 – Invicta-TTS for Mac becomes available to download on the MacOS app store again.

23rd November 2019 – Invicta-TTS for iPhone and iPod Touch launches on the Apple App Store.